Pre-Conference Workshop: The World Class Intelligence Roadmap – Make It Work to Your Advantage

From Rookie to World Class Intelligence Operations

World Class Intelligence Roadmap is an established concept for implementation, development and management of a corporate or business unit intelligence program. The concept has been developed with input from over 2.500 companies over a period of six years.
It is a comprehensive and holistic concept for focusing on key intelligence management issues / key success factors and how these are increasing in maturity over time and becoming more and more sophisticated.

Key Success Factors description:

Intelligence Scope: Creating and Mission, Vision & Strategy for the Intelligence Program,

Intelligence Process: Managing information collection, analysis, communication and usage of intelligence.

Intelligence Deliverables: Development of an intelligence product portfolio consisting of intelligence products on basic, intermediate and advanced level.

Intelligence Organisation: Focus on organisational issues such as location of the intelligence program, competence attraction, competence development and creating career paths for intelligence professionals.

Intelligence Tools: IT-tools as well as other tools like analysis and decision making models for the intelligence process.

Intelligence Culture: Describes how corporate culture sets the boundaries for intelligence and how intelligence programs can be used to extend those boundaries. The AAC-model (Awareness-Acceptance-Contribution) is used to provide methods to handle this factor.


Case examples & diagnosis of your own intelligence activities

The workshop will feature cases from companies like Philips Healthcare, Merck, Procter & Gamble and other international companies as well as from small & medium sized companies.

During the workshop you will diagnose your own organization according to the Intelligence Roadmap concept and develop a blueprint for the development of intelligence in your organization.

You will get a copy of “The Handbook for Market Intelligence” co-authored by Hans Hedin who is the workshop leader and who has developed the World Class Intelligence Roadmap model.

It will be an afternoon of fierce activity and good discussions after which you will be able to strengthen your own intelligence program based on what you have learnt. The workshop also includes the pre-conference dinner where you will meet other conference attendants and the conference speakers.



The World Class Intelligence Roadmap – Make It Work to Your Advantage

The workshop facilitator, Hans Hedin will talk about the methodology, present case examples and allow you to make your own project plan based on the Roadmap philosophy.
Roadmap concept has been used by over 2.500 companies

Date: April 26
Time: 13-17 (Workshop) 19-22 (Pre-Conference Dinner)
Place: Kista Science Tower, Färögatan 33, 164 51 Kista
Workshop facilitator: Hans Hedin
Included: ”The Handbook of Market Intelligence” is provided to all workshop participants. It includes a detailed description of the Roadmap methodology.
Price: 3 400 SEK (VAT exclusive)
The Workshop is held in Swedish