Round-Table Discussion – Topics to discuss

Only one week left to Intelligence Day 2017 Conference!

The Round-table Discussion Forum will take place after lunchtime for about 45 minutes. The concept is that the conference participants select a topic of interest and discuss this with a group of 4-8 persons who share interest in the same topic. Which topics would you like to join? You may choose one of the following topics at registration on the 27th:

Round-table 1. Intelligence Set-Up
Best practices for intelligence set-up!
Which are the mistakes to avoid? How do you do that? What are your experiences?
Which models, if any,  do you use for set-up?

Round-table 2. Intelligence Hot Topics: Fake news, internet bubbles, disregard for national intelligence organisations, media as enemy of the state, media transformation and other hot topics.
What impact, if any, do these aspects have on 1) sense-making and decision making in general and 2) for your own intelligence operations.

Round-table 3. Successful roll-out and management of IT-tools
Best practices and mistakes to avoid when implementing IT.
Differences between developing CI tools in-house compared to buying externally.

Interesting intelligence tool features you would like to see in 2025.

Round-table 4. Engaging ”others” (sales people, management, R&D) to support the intelligence program
Why don’t people participate more in intelligence?What methods or tricks can you use to make people participate in intelligence? How are formal and informal intelligence networks organized in your companies.

Round-table 5. Analysis methods: Which methods are most commonly used and which ones works best?
How many of you use formal analysis methods? Which ones? If you do not use formal analysis methods, what do you use? Pros and cons using formalized analysis methods?

Round-table 6. Analyst skill set / intelligence organization
Which skills are needed for a good analyst? How do you conduct competence development around this topic? What are the possible career paths for intelligence professionals.

Organization: Best practices and experiences related to organization. Centralized, decentralized, networked, service center model?

Round-table 7. Measuring the ROI of Intelligence
How do you know that intelligence is valued in your organization? How can the value of intelligence be determined? Which methods are used? Which could be used? Can you calculate ROI on intelligence?

Round-table 8. Intelligence Culture – How does organizational and/or country culture affect the intelligence program?
What cultural aspects are beneficial versus not beneficial for intelligence? How do these differ related to corporate culture and country culture?
How to affect and overcome negative ones?