Meet the Speaker: Tina Bundgaard

About Tina Bundgaard

Corporate Market Intelligence Manager at Rockwool International

With a background in finance and controlling, Tina Bundgaard entered the world of Market and Business Intelligence. Combining her finance competences with the area of Market Intelligence has proven to be the road to success.

When starting to work in Intelligence, Tina also began to attend conferences within the field. She quickly became a popular speaker herself at the sessions, as she had the unique competences of finance and was on a learning curve herself – sharing valuable insights and advice for those struggling within their own companies.

Tina is now running workshops and sessions at SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) conferences around the world. At the upcoming Intelligence Day conference she will hold a Presentation called  “How to set up, develop and benefit from an integrated intelligence function”. She will also be a part of the Panel Discussion with the theme Future-Oriented Intelligence and the Round-Table Discussion with the theme “Intelligence set-up: How to develop a successful intelligence program from the beginning”View full Agenda here!

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