Meet the Round-Table Facilitator Johan Hammarlund

Johan Hammarlund


Johan Hammarlund – Collaborative Foresight Advisor

Johan is an advisor at Kairos Future focusing on collaborative innovation and foresight.

Johan has extensive experience in supporting and developing intelligence processes in various types of organizations. Johan has also been an active party in several research projects in the fields of intelligence studies and media and communication studies, often focusing on the new digital media landscape.

At the Intelligence Day 2018, Johan will faciliate the workshop “Power your intelligence work with open innovation and crowdsourcing – why, how, and when!” 

Many intelligence teams face increasing workloads and shrinking head counts. In order to perform better than ever in today’s fast changing business environment organizations therefore need to combine smart technology and efficient utilization of available knowledge resources, both internally and externally. The discussion will address the dos and don’ts of a number of techniques linked to open innovation in a MI/CI context.



Se full Agenda for Nordic Intelligence Day 2018